Polynesian Tattoos Have Always Been Associated With Strength And Honor

Polynesian tattoos have always been related to strength and honor and are among the hottest designs desirable to people. These are probably the most intricate and complicated forms of designs and have been in existence for hundreds of years.

Polynesia is several islands (a lot more than thousand) which can be found over the Sea and they also feature a refreshing cultural heritage. The styles and patterns of those tattoo designs is different one island to another. In the old days tattooing was considered sacred where there was plenty of ritual connected with it.

There exists quite a fascinating tale concerning the birth of Polynesian tattoos. Ta&rsquoaroa (God of Creation) had two sons and it is thought that they taught the skill of tattooing in addition to their meaning and significance to the people residing in the region.
Samoan, which is name of one of the numerous islands, is when the phrase &ldquotattoo&rdquo was derived.  The word tattoo means &ldquomark&rdquo or &ldquostrike twice&rdquo.

There were a great deal of significance and ritual linked to the process of getting a &ldquomark&rdquo on your body and it was usually accompanied by song and dance. The original method of engraving the designs were quite painful. The equipment used for this reason includes shark teeth, shell of turtles, bamboo and bone (preferably of birds).

With such equipments, small cuts were created on the body and inks were filled inside these cuts. People had to endure plenty of physical pain till each of the cuts healed independently. The designs to the individuals were chosen after plenty of thought as they represented his/her status within the island. These folks were also a sign in the personal achievement of the person like winning a battle.

When a child turned twelve for the islands, it turned out considered essential to enable them to possess a mark on his or her body. This marked their transition from childhood to adulthood. As we grow old the number of tattoos on our bodies will increase and also this showed the different stages that the adult undergoes in life.

Individuals who had one of the most quantity of tattoos on their body were considered important and sexually attractive. Lack of marks on the human body was looked down and showed the lower status of the baby on the list of tribe.

Enata and Etua are the two main types of designs which can be used by individuals inhabiting these islands. The hometown of the baby and standing were represented from the natural designs known as Enata. Religious and spiritual designs that were done given assistance as Etua.

Each design stood a certain meaning connected with it. As an example, turtles are some of the hottest range of designs while they represented longevity and fertility. Sharks were revered over these islands inside them for hours a mark that resembled them was known to protect individuals from other enemies. Shells were an indication of the person and wealth plus it showed the rich status of the person.

Polynesian tattoos have gained tremendous popularity in the past as to remain found to represent in truth the personality and attitude of your individual.