Study piano tuning

Right now we will learn about tuning a piano aurally (by ear).This was and for some professional still is thestandard process. First of all, you will need some fundamental tools. These you can buy at any online piano tool supplier on the internet. One of which is a firm by the identify of Schaff Piano Supply.

You could buy everything as a piano tuning kit or you can buy them individually. witch ever way you select, make sure you buy the right tools. If probable try to buy very good quality piano tuning equipment. This is somewhat important because you will have much better final results and your tuning will be less difficult and more precise.

A set of simple piano tools is not too costly, definitely less than a expert set of tuning tools.The first thing you clearly need to learn to tune pianos, is a piano that is in pretty good shape. Keep in mind that some quite old pianos specifically if they the old tall uprights from the early 1900s. They are just not very tunable, Disregard those pianos as they will make the tuning quite difficult or perhaps impossible.

The piano can be old but must be able to hold the tuning, that means it must be in a good enough condition to stand a standard A-440 tune and holdstay for some time. Also better to choose a good size one. consoles and grands are easier to tune than spinets pianos.

The piano tuning hammer witch we will include in a different article on piano tuning. This is the most critical piano tool you will invest in.If I were just finding out I would opt to buy a very good one.If you plan on doing this for a living it will be a excellent investment. The quality piano hammers will be extendable and have changeable heads and tips. A good tuning hammer is far better than a typical student hammer and it will help make the job easier, more exact and skilled.

Then there is the tuning fork (an A440 fork)and two rubber mutes. . You can also get them at a piano supply house such as Schaff Piano Suppy. Your new tuning fork will generate the pitch that you will use as your basic reference. Then you will need a few rubber mutes to mute the strings Whilst you tune the first string in the note unison. A Felt temperament strip will also be required to mute the temperment section. (middle of the Keyboard). You should have two or three of these. They are strips of felt are about three quarter of an inch thick by about three feet wide. In our next article we will consentrate on Tuning a piano Digitally.